We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the corrections below:


“Fairest Of Them All”

Month #3, Page 1, under “Quilt Center Background”:  Cut your grey dot strips 5½”, (not 5¾”).


“Newly Hatched”

1.) Page 1, FIGURE C:  Cut four 6¼” pieces from your strip, (not four 6½” pieces).



1.) Page 1, Cutting strips and blocks:  Under “Strip Width” cut the first strips (called Medium grey (blocks)   5¼” wide, (not 5½”) This should yield pieced blocks which more closely match the width of your print blocks.

2.) Page 1, Colorful print blocks:  Under the “# of Blocks” column, cut sixteen total blocks (not two each) from prints 1-6.


“Oh Howly Night”

1.) Yardage Page:  You need 1/2 yard (not 1/4 yard) of the darkest green for trees and holly vines.

2.) Page 3, “Thin & Pieced Borders”:  Cut two, 7/8″ strips of your stripe for the borders, (not 1/2″ strips.)


Symphony In Sea”

If two palm fronds are missing from your page SIS-6, please go to our “Contact Us” page and enter your  request for the “missing fronds….”  We’ll email the image file to you right away.