My family’s  sewing history as “immigrant tailors”  is part of both talks offered below, as well as how I  learned from a graphic design mentor in my 20’s to  strive for something “not done before” in every project.  There were specific events in my personal  life which led me to quilting as a profession and I talk about the challenges  and discoveries brought to light in the 18 years I’ve worked in this unusual and rewarding industry.

I bring approximately 40 quilts to show as part of a 1 hour and 15 minute lecture.  Below are outlines of each talk.

– Karen

Lecture #1: “Feature A Creature”image

Playful Animals & Highly Charming Quilt Techniques

•  Where and how to place appliqués for the greatest effect
•  Achieving dimension in a creature with minimal fabrics.
  Creating animals with minimal piecing and greatest movement
  Elegant mismatching  (why we love batiks)
  Selecting colors that “sing”
  “I see dead borders.” Avoid sewing one to your quilt.
  Yes, that really COULD be a block!
  Remember: “God hates a coward.”

Lecture #2: “The Science Of Exceptional Quilts”image

Beauty, Creativity & the Brains Behind Innovation

•  Do we even agree on what beauty is?
•  Do the truly good ideas arrive in a burst of insight?
•  Disappointment– the path to success
•  Forget what you know.
•  Is a little dose of “crazy” helpful for creativity?
Melancholy– a designer’s rotary cutter
Are introverted people better guild officers?
Limitation as inspiration
I do my best quilting in the shower.