Pattern Updates/Corrections

Updates / Corrections

Elephant Walk Update 6/23

Below are new Page 9 directions for creating the pinwheel blocks. (Please note that slightly more background fabric is required with this method.)

Updates / Corrections

Elephant Walk Updates 08/22

Note: We have made several updates and clarifications on page six.

Updates / Corrections

Forest Galorest Update 2/23

Below is a PDF of the method for creating the bias strips in Month Four of the instructions. It appears, some printings do not include the information.

Updates / Corrections

For You My Dear 6/21

Below are links to PDF’s of additional information/updates for the pattern. (Note: if you print the PDF’s make sure you have your scale set at 100%.)
Be sure to also visit the pattern’s page on the site for new up-close images, reflecting the changes!

Updates / Corrections

Infrognito Updates 08/22

Note: we have made two minor corrections to copy on pages two and three.

Updates / Corrections

Jesting Instincts Updates 06/22

Note: We have made several pattern updates, adding more detail and measurements in three of the Figures.

Updates / Corrections

Just in Cases Update (Extra Tips) 10/20

There is a lot in this pattern that goes beyond what most of us do in quilting. Based on a few questions received over the years, let’s see if these pointers help:
Frog Case:

– With belly pieces wrong sides together you stitch the mouth edge seam only, (top of piece) and THEN turn right-side out, finishing this top edge only Figure B.

– After turning, you clip both edges three times as shown Figure C. creating “tabs” where the finished mouth ends. You will catch these in the binding, however….

– The first tab stays flat and will be caught in the binding. The second tab gets folded in and whip stitched creating finished edges for the arm holes.

– Pin together the belly piece to the frog top piece, matching the bottom edges and baste. Then machine-stitch the binding, being careful not to close the arm holes catching the tabs above in the binding seam Figure D.

– Before hand-stitching the second binding edge, insert the open edges of the back legs into position inside the binding Figure H. and pin or baste. Secure the legs with hand-stitching.

Turtle Case:

-As with the frog, you stitch and then turn right side out the top edge of the belly piece only Figure I. Note: When you clip the seam where the finished edge stops, you release the rest of the edge to lay flat and catch inside the binding.

– Attach the back legs as with the frog legs in Figure H.

Note: The plastic pockets on the frog Figure D. and Turtle bellies are optional.

Updates / Corrections

Shell Shelters Updates 02/22

Note: We have made several updates in the pattern to reflect new methods in use and materials now available.

Updates / Corrections

Shell We Dance Updates 10/22

Note: We have added additional information to the Figures I. J. and K. on Page 3.

Updates / Corrections

We’re On A Bigger Roll

Page three, paragraph four should read:

Wide Border


Cut two strips of your wide border fabric. Measure, cut, and fit to quilt sides, top, and bottom. (Figure C.) Cut four 3½” squares for corners and attach to ends of top and bottom borders. Sew side borders to quilt, iron, and attach top and bottom borders with corners

Updates / Corrections

Winging Kit Update 10/22

Note: Some Page 7’s were reproduced at 98% in error. Please open and print the PDF here at 100%. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Updates / Corrections

Winging Kit Update 8/23

Note: We have added information and illustrations to pages 1-4. Please print out the following PDF for the updated information. 

Updates / Corrections

Winging Kit Update 11/20

We have redrawn Figure E. to better reflect the edge the zipper attaches to. (Accross from the 90 ̊ corner.)

Screenshot 1

Figure L. on page 6 should have vertical quilting lines as shown. (Not horizontal.)

Screenshot 2

(10/21) Creating feet: We have changed the quantities of pieces cut from the template from one to two.


Updates / Corrections

Zippit Ribbit frog zipper case 8/21

The yardage page should call for a 9” or larger zipper as shown below:


*decorative zipper: ……………………………………………….. 9 ”or longer
optional strap: ……………….. approx. one yard of 1” nylon webbing
optional strap hardware:
1”tri-glide buckle (1); 1” swivel lobster clasps (2); 1” rectangle rings (2)

Updates / Corrections

Zippit Ribbit Updates 10/22

Note: We have added instructions for sewing a backpack and updated the yardage page to reflect this.



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